A Healthier Malibu

The expression “health is wealth” hits home not only for me, but Howdy’s loyal customers.

It’s why I created The Cross Fit Breakfast Bowl with the freshest and healthiest ingredients in mind, and why we make food that satisfies your hunger without feeling full.

“Light and hearty” is a phrase many reviewers have used to describe our delicious menu options – and we totally agree!

You have to get creative to make healthy, tasty food... Take a recent review from Tom to highlight... “Sensational Spicy Tuna Burrito, great and plentiful chips and guac and salsa! Really inventive and wonderful menu, Can’t wait to try breakfast menu items and the drinks were unreal. Refreshing and different.”

Spot on – with words like sensational, plentiful, inventive, refreshing and different, this makes me so happy to continue on with our goal of contributing to a healthier, happier Malibu.

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