Sabor = Flavor

The phrase “Sauce is Life” hits home here at Howdy’s. Every one of our ingredients are fresh and delicious, and we have special pride in the seasoning and sauces that complete our dishes.

From our unique salsas to our spices and sauces, it’s wonderful to hear people give praise to the sabor (Spanish for flavor)!

Our World’s Best Lobster Burrito™ packs so much flavor in every bite and has a loyal following of its own! Our ponzu vinaigrette is highly-regarded and the fresh ginger we use is a crowd pleaser – among many others. Don’t get us started on the spicy mayo!

Let us know how we are doing or any suggestions on what you want by sharing feedback with our staff in the café, online at Google, Yelp!, Uber Eats, TripAdvisor and anywhere else you wish!

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