Seafood in Malibu

Venture up or down the coast, and you’ll discover many interesting and tasty seafood dishes. That’s what makes Malibu and other coastal city restaurants so special. Howdy’s has easy access to the freshest and highest quality fish and seafood Malibu residents and visitors deserve. Maybe that is why a majority of our reviews boast how tasty and well-loved our sushi and seafood dishes are. On Instagram, our gold-wrapped World’s Best Lobster Burrito slo-mos, Tropical Poke Bowl close-ups and sushi burrito reveals are all viral hits. Fresh Fish Tacos and Seared Ahi Salad and Ceviche are all crowd pleasers.

In a competitive food town like Malibu, know that we listen and cater to some of the most foodie palates around. Next time you are in Malibu, stop in and experience the pops of flavor that everyone is talking about. Your mouth and stomach will be glad you did 😊!

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