At Howdy’s, we love seeing people happy. Our ultimate goal with every decision we make at the café, down to the packaging and décor is bringing a sonrisa to our customers’ faces.

The English translation of sonrisa is smile, and we gauge how well we do by how many smiles we see daily. When team members are happy, customers are happy and vice versa! The positive vibes in the café are visible and we are fortunate that people share their experience online for all to see!

Take for example a recent visit from Kylie, who said, “The workers were very friendly & attentive. I shared the old fashion breakfast burrito and our halves both filled us up, it was hot fresh and delicious. We also got some pure watermelon juice. The seating area is also so clean and beautiful. Definitely coming back to this place.”

So let’s keep the sonrisas coming – daily 😊 !

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