Major Key (Lime Pie)

Recently we shared on IG what insiders have known (and tried to keep secret) for a long time – our key lime pie is world’s best!

Howdy’s is known for a lot of signature dishes: sushi burritos and bowls, poke, and other healthy eats that combine fresh and local ingredients for our special and loyal customers.

If you did not know, we make the most delectable key lime pie (and other sweet treats – more on those soon 😊).

So much so, that a patron felt compelled to review it – and I must share some of it with you all:

She wrote, “Let me tell YOU, the moment the key lime pie entered my mouth, I was in HEAVEN, okay!? The fries were amazing but this KEY LIME PIE!?!?!??!!? The buttery, graham cracker crust just crumbles into your mouth...”

When in the restaurant for whatever you are in the mood for, if you are feeling something sweet, try the key lime pie – your mouth will thank you!

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