So Much Love

So much love online and in the café...

We love when people show love to us at Howdy’s, and in turn, I am going to start highlighting them for people to see!I’m getting more active online, writing to each and every one of our new and of course loyal fanbase who are going out of their way to share their experience at Howdy’s on Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and other sites.

When people visit Malibu, they expect fresh seafood and good times, and we deliver!

C.B. from Manhattan Beach recently said, “The best food & the best service!! If you've never had their Sushi burrito, stop what you're doing now & GO! I've taken friends and family there. It's unanimous -absolutely yummy!! On top of that, their shrimp salad is sheer perfection. Oh, and don't forget the sweet potato fries - WoW --all so delicious. Enjoy!”

I am at the restaurant almost all day, and when I’m there, I always try to say hello to each and every guest so they feel welcome and so I can ensure they enjoy their fresh and delicious food!

Stop by, say hi, and grab yourself Malibu’s freshest and most delicious sushi and seafood along with our other wonderful California Coastal and Latin Cuisine menu items!

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